Current Conditions
at 10:55a 12/11/18
Temperature: 19.7F
Dewpoint: 16.7F
Relative Humidity: 88%
Wind: NNE 0.0 gusting to 0.0 mph
Pressure: 30.163 in & Falling Slowly
Precipitation Rate: Turned off for winter
Wind Chill: 19.7F
Heat Index: 19.6F

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Today's Summary
as of 10:55a 12/11/18
Max Temp: 19.7F at 11:01a
Min Temp: -2.8F at 4:04a
Max Dewpoint: 17.0F at 11:00a
Min Dewpoint: -6.0F at 4:04a
Max RH: 92% at 9:09a
Min RH: 88% at 12:45a
Max Wind Gust: 0.0 mph at ----
Precipitation: Turned off for winter
Max Rain Rate: Turned off for winter
Min Wind Chill: -3.0F at 3:36a
Max Heat Index: 20.0F at 11:00a
Max Pressure: 30.269 in at 2:43a
Min Pressure: 30.163 in at 11:02a

Astronomical Data
for 12/11/18
Sunrise: 7:18a
Sunset: 4:12p
Moon Phase: Waxing Crescent